Social media is the perfect place to do it if you are looking to collect email addresses and Facebook for your startup. Today’s Facebook groups allow you to gain massive amounts of contact information in a relatively short time. However, getting access to this information can be tricky.

But don’t worry, today I will reveal some best ways to extract email addresses from Facebook groups. You can extract email addresses from Facebook in different ways. But the most effective way is to use an X2emails extractor. Here I will show you all the processes step by step.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing is a very effective way to reach out to potential customers. It has been around for more than 30 years and is still one of the most used forms of communication in today’s world.

Email marketing works by sending emails with relevant information, coupons, or promotions related to your product or service.

The two main advantages of email marketing are:

You can send many different types of emails, like sale offers, company updates, etc. This makes it easier for you to target specific segments of your audience. When someone clicks on an email link, they are redirected to a specific page on your website to see information about what they have just read in the email message. This way, you can increase conversions by at least 30%.

The second advantage is that email marketing works because it does not rely on search engines which means that if people don’t find what they are looking for online, then there is no point in them clicking on an advertisement or any other type of link. After all, the chances are high that they won’t find anything relevant anyway.

What does it mean to extract emails?

Extracting emails is a process of downloading all the email addresses that are stored in a database.

The two most common methods for extracting emails are using an email extractor or parsing scripts. Email extractors perform this task by collecting email addresses from databases and files while parsing scripts do it by manipulating data within database tables.

The latter is more flexible but requires more technical knowledge. Email extraction tools can be either free or paid, depending on their capabilities. They can be used-

  • To generate lists of email addresses
  • For marketing purposes
  • To manage mailing lists
  • To analyze contact information for direct mail campaigns.

Can you extract email addresses from Facebook?

Facebook has made a big effort to keep the email addresses of its user’s privacy. To find out email addresses from Facebook, you can get help from third parties like email extracting tools, Facebook API, Manual data collection, and many more.

It is also possible to extract emails from other social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn and information from your blog or website. The only problem with extracting email addresses is that they are not permanent and may be deleted by the user at any time. So if you don’t want to risk it, then you need to check every time whether the email address is still valid or not before using it for sending marketing emails.

How do I collect the email addresses of the members of my Facebook group?

I was wondering if there is a way to extract emails from facebook groups. I want to use this information for marketing purposes, but I’m not sure how much privacy will be provided by extracting the data.

I need the email address Facebook because it’s required for sending welcome emails and thank you notes. Also, my business can’t waste money on marketing because our startup isn’t doing well yet. So the best way to get more customers is to have them spread the word about us through their contacts via Facebook.

However, I did a lot of research, and guess what have I found to build an email list! My study revealed that there are mainly two ways to extract people’s email addresses from Facebook groups successfully. Those are-

1. Freeways to collect emails from Facebook.

2. Paid ways to collect emails from Facebook groups.

#X2emails Extractor knows how to build an email list from Facebook

How do you stay in touch with your Facebook group members? Do you like sending them emails but hate the thought of manually sending each one of them? Well, don’t worry! We have a tools list to help you collect all the emails from your Facebook group.

First of all, X2emails Facebook email extractor is an online tool that helps you find out the emails of people who have visited your website.

The most popular email extraction tools are:

a) X2Emails 2-in-1 Facebook Email Extractor Groups And Pages

b) Mailersend  

c) Mailinator 

d) Webmail Extraction Tool. 

Among these email software, X2emails is very simple to use and requires you to provide the webmail login details of the person whose emails you want to know about. Once you enter their information, it will start extracting all their emails for a specific period.

It is an open-source tool that allows you to build email list from various Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Yahoo Groups. 

X2emails also provides reports on how many new customers were added through your website, as well as which ones opened your mail and clicked on links inside them! If there are any issues, it will show errors so that you can fix them quickly!

#Facebook Ads Manager

You can use Facebook Ad Manager to collect real contact email addresses from your Facebook page. You can set up a campaign that will collect emails at the end of the campaign period. This is very useful for gathering email addresses since you can send them an email once they sign up for your newsletter or fill out a form on your website.

Free Ways to Collect Emails from Facebook Group Members

Getting member emails is a big task. While there are many automation tools, they don’t provide all the functionality you might need. That’s why we built a Manual process to collect emails from Facebook groups. It’s a freeway that helps you collect email addresses from Facebook groups. Some proven manual ways to get emails from Facebook groups are-


This is how we can collect people’s contact email addresses through Facebook giveaways:

 1) Create a giveaway of some sort (like free products, discounts, etc.)

 2) Share the link on your Facebook group or in any other way so that more people will see your post and get exposed to the giveaway.

 3) After a few days/weeks, run another giveaway by adding new prizes for people who have already won but didn’t confirm their subscription.

  1. People will get their emails registered after 3-4 rounds of this process, and hopefully, most of them would like what you are offering and start buying from you (if not, then try again with a better offer).
  2. To get email addresses from Facebook Giveaways, you can use a tool like “GetList” to automate the process. This tool is free, and it will send you an email with all the names and contact info of people who signed up for your giveaway. You can then create a follow-up email marketing software list that asks them to confirm their subscription.

#Facebook group post planner

Collecting email addresses from Facebook by post is possible, but it will be tough to do so. The most important thing is finding out the key phrases your customers are using on Facebook and then using them in your emails. 

For example, if they are searching for ‘travel,’ you can post related to travel. Please make the post most informative so that members find it informative. Now attach your email address below your post and a travel offer, or ask them if they would like to join your newsletter.

#Facebook Contest or Offers 

If you are looking to collect email addresses from Facebook by an offer, there is a better way of doing it.

The best way is to make an offer on Facebook with some discount or free product that people will be happy to get. When someone shows interest in your offer, then ask your targeted customers to comment on their emails.

You can create offers for the following things: 

Discounts and coupons: 

With these offers, customers can save money while shopping in your store or click through them when visiting your site so that they would get discounts when buying products in your store. 

Offer for FREE Product: 

Customers are often happy to get something for free, so this type of offer could work well with them. 

#Chrome extension

To extract emails from Facebook profiles or groups, you need to install an extension on your browser. You can find out more about it by going to the Chrome Web Store and searching for “facebook group email extractor.” 

Once you have installed the Facebook email Extractor Chrome extension, go back to your Facebook profile and click on a group with a discussion thread. This will take you directly into that group’s discussion thread, where you can find out all the members in that particular group.

Now search for any member of this group who has a different email address than the one they use on their Facebook fans profile and then click on their name or email address. This will open up their email inbox, where you can see all of their emails stored there. 

#Facebook API system

There are various ways to extract emails from Facebook. However, the best way is by using Facebook Graph API.

Facebook has created a system where you can get data of users who are in groups. 

You can also get data of group members, including names and email addresses if they are provided in the privacy settings of that particular group.

With this knowledge, you can use third-party software to extract all the data needed for your business purposes. 

For example, if you need the email addresses of all your followers on Twitter, there is a tool called Twilert that will help you do that easily. Also, if you need the email addresses of people who joined your blog or subscribed to your newsletter, Mailerlite will do that for you.

How to use Facebook user’s emails for lead generation

There are many ways to use Facebook users’ emails for lead magnets.

  1. You can use a Facebook user’s email to create an opt-in list for your product or service. 
  2. Send out updates about new products and services via email to customer profiles, put them in the body of the email, and encourage people to click on the “join now” button.
  3. Use the best self hosted email marketing software for getting subscribers/fans for free. Then send newsletters based on that data or add other optional fields. 
  4. You can also ask for their opinions on various topics and get feedback by asking questions.
  5. Send targeted emails based on interests and previous purchases made by customers who have signed up for your mailing list.


Facebook groups are one of the best places to find email addresses. You can easily extract email addresses by following the above methods.

To find out the best way to extract email addresses from Facebook groups, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular ways. All you need to do is apply these methods properly.