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This time I want to share about  ANTI VIRUS Smadav Pro 2020 along with the keygen FREE!! because without Smadav Pro we can’t use the features, as a student, pocket money does not come out again is not bad for the contents of gasoline a week because I heard this pro and this  will also not ask for the latest updates or registration just to install the key.

Download Smadav Pro 11.8 Latest Update 2020

Smadav Pro now returns an update with the most recent version, rev. 11.8 which was introduced, which was updated directly from the official website. The best local antivirus you can download for free.

Now you can enjoy Smadav Pro for free, without spending a fee. but if you have more money please download the license. The advantage of Smadav Pro is better in computer protection. will always guard your computer or laptop trap against dangerous viruses.

Why do you have to update the Anti Virus?

This is a question that often comes out for novice computer users if you think it’s an antivirus update, I think it’s mandatory, with this update, your antivirus will be added to the latest virus database so that you are more familiar with the presence of the virus.

Because as is well known with computer viruses or laptops also develop, every day there is a new virus that roams out there. Therefore you must also update your antivirus to a newer version to avoid dangerous new viruses.

How to Download The Latest Smadav Pro

A few days ago suddenly the computer felt very slow, whereas before it was quite fast thanks to the Quick Computer Tricks that had written before, but for some reason now it became so slow.

After observing through the Windows Task Manager it turns out there is a strange application that uses RAM and CPU is greater than the largest, Firefox. Finally,  immediately decided that the strange thing was a virus.

Various Antiviruses have tried to lower the virus to eradicate the virus, ranging from free to paid but the results are still zero. Accidentally walking out of the house, coincidentally met with an old friend who is a hobby of computer utilities.

I immediately submitted a complaint about the problem. Friends answer like ” if it has been scanned with international antivirus has not been done well, please install Local Antivirus with International quality “.

Asks again, what is Antivirus friend ?. He answered ” LATEST SMADAV PRO “.  immediately rushed to ask for anti-virus SMADAV PRO LATEST to him, because he did not want to inevitably have to go to his house.

immediately went home after getting the  SMADAV PRO antivirus, when he got home immediately turned on the computer, and installed the  SMADAV PRO, not forgetting also by scanning it.

Well, it turns out there are two viruses that are busy playing on the Windows Operating System Immediately,   eradicate the virus that was engrossed in playing and celebrating earlier.

The computer restarts and again sees the task manager ” kwk kwk kwk turns out the computer is healthy again as before “. Alhamdulillah, finally Tips on How to Download the Latest Smadav Pro successfully.

According to the official website, the Latest SMADAV has added a new virus introduction database of around 150 viruses and their variants. wow, the more solid it is! therefore if you have not installed this antivirus.

It is recommended to install it immediately because the LATEST SMADAV PRO is very effective to eradicate local viruses.

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The Main Features of Smadav Pro 2020

  • More optimal protection on your computer.
  • Automatic USB Flashdisk Protection
  • Clean all local viruses quickly.
  • Scanning faster and more precisely
  • You can choose the colors according to the theme you like.
  • Changes to the 2018 Smadav display theme,
  • Improved the ability to detect and clean virus shortcuts/folders on a USB Flashdisk,
  • Changes to the terms of the purchase of a new Smadav Pro license from lifetime to 1-year,
  • Add automatic virus upload feature and delete viruses automatically on a USB flash drive,
  • Improvements to the method of sending statistical data for the development of Smadav and repairing error detection.

smadav pro 2020
So you don’t need to wait for a long time, let’s just go straight to the scene


  1. Install Smadav 2020
  2. look for Settings
  3. in the Smadav PRO Registration section

Now you can enjoy smadav pro and can use the features in Smadav Pro.

1. Install Program
2. Run Activator & Click Patch Button
3. Wait till It Finishes
4. That’s It! Enjoy

Smadav Pro 2020 Key: 

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Smadav Pro-Download The Latest Update 2020