Why You Should use Moosend?

Want to pay you're not ready to pay uh for that kind of you know monthly subscription but you do want to get involved you do want to build a list uh this is definitely for you so today i'm going to take a deep dive inside moosend and i'm Going to show you what it's all about and as well as that i've also put together a bundle of exclusive premium bonuses of my own that i think are going to go hand in hand with moosend so you get the absolute most out of it.

So before we get into that drop a like on this article hit follow and turn on this bell notification if you want to be updated with new products coming out all the time that are going to help you to succeed online Also if you want to jump ahead during this article make sure you first click the link in the post.

What that will do is take you through to my bonus page which looks like this and the way this page works is it is integrated with the official moosend end uh vendor website or museum.Com uh so if you click on any of these green buttons here what it will do is lock in all these bonuses before then sending you off to moosendn.Com.

Why You Should use Moosend?

If you do decide to go with it it just requires you to simply send Me a screenshot of your digital receipt at chris selfmainnuby.Com and i will have these bonuses ready to send off to you straight away the first bonus i'm gonna throw in is a knowledge product relating to email.

Moosend is gonna be an amazing tool for uh managing an email list creating automations forms landing pages and all that stuff building that list uh but this is the knowledge site this is going to teach you how to get people into the list and also how to sort of grow nurture that list.

Moosend Bonuses

If you can grow and nurture a list properly you can make a lot of money from it a lot of internet marketers all the ones i know including myself make even about half of all of their money through their email list the second bonus is expert copywriting and persuasion.

So this is going to help you when you write emails out to your email list it's going to help you on your landing pages and forms that you can create with moosend and it's going to help you pretty much anywhere Where you want someone to do something you need to know how to speak in a persuasive way.

Which basically means speaking to the emotions of people establishing yourself as the cure to their pain points and this is going to go into how to do that and effectively communicate in that way bonus number three is my best-selling book the 30-minute purpose business which is available on amazon currently and a five-star all-around review.

Why You Should Try Moosend Before Starting An Online Business

If you want to start an online business more specifically in the area of affiliate marketing blogging digital products and also high ticket coaching it's got materials in there for conducting a coaching session contracts facebook email grabber lead generation. how to close a sale scripts for social media scripts for on the phone all that and it's such a small product uh which is the reason behind the name.

Why You Should Try Moosend Before Starting An Online Business

So it's something you can just read up on and get started taking action Straight away bonus number four is really for the beginners out there if you are just getting started with an online business uh if you're trying to build an email list, but you're also wanting to build an overall business this product.

I put together to ensure that people take that first step correctly, so many times i see people take the first step wrong

Moosend Free Version

What is Moosend?

All The Benefits Of Email Marketing Minus The Coding Size doesn’t matter to us. Big or small, we help your business deliver powerful emails that get opened and clicked every time. And are drop-dead beautiful.


  • Drag & Drop Email Editor
  • A/B Testing
  • Data Analytics
  • List Segmentation

Marketing Automation

Let Your Business Sell ItselfSimplify your marketing tasks and reach your goals at the push of a button. Save time and headaches with Moosend’s advanced automation features and thrust your email marketing forward.

  • Email Automation Templates
  • Drag & Drop Automation Editor
  • Website and User Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting

Email Personalization

Highly Personalized Emails That Stimulate Their Clicking InstinctsNo more blah blah for your subscribers. Surprise them with strikingly relevant emails they actually want to read and send your open and click rates through the roof.

  • Advanced Personalization
  • Product Recommendations
  • Weather-Based Recommendations

Landing Pages

Create Beautiful Landing Pages in a Blink of an EyeMove, crop, resize, group, add and change anything you want and create beautiful landing pages in just a few minutes and say goodbye to web designer expenses.

  • Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder
  • Premade Templates
  • Ultrafast Loading Pages
  • Separate Mobile Editor

Subscription Forms

Fuel continued list growth with the right templateGrow your mailing list around the clock, collect valuable data effortlessly and share your forms across all your online channels with our packed-with-features online

  • Drag & drop Editor
  • Visibility Options
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Anti-bot Protection
  • Send up to 1000 email subscribers (Unlimited Emails)
  • Reporting & Analytics •Signup and Subscription forms
  • Automation •Integrations •A/B Split Campaign
  • Repeatable HTML Campaign •Create RSS Campaign
  • Spam and Delivery Test •Create Template
  • Already made Newsletter Templates
  • Change Sender Email
  • Create Upsells
  • Little Bit Costly If You Have More Than 100000+ Subscribers