How To Extract Email Address Using Facebook Group Extractor?

If you do not want to do this manually, there is a tool that can scrape emails from Facebook pages, Facebook groups, or posts.

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A demo is added to this article so that you can understand how x2emails work, and how to extract Facebook groups.


Anyway, if you do not want to use a paid tool, you can try this free method and you can export Facebook group member’s emails.

A couple of chrome extensions, a spreadsheet is pretty much you need to do the Facebook group extraction free.

Before you try this free method, I recommended you to watch this video.

What is the Best Way to Export a Text List of Facebook Group Members?

Like most of my articles, if you are interested in learning more about different ways to automate your business. I have put out regular articles on stuff like this.

So let us dig into it. The prerequisite of this is that you have some entrance questions set up on Facebook groups. Therefore, you can see we have three questions and answered all of them.

The first one is saying write ok in the box to say that we are trying to keep the group free of people joining and not answering any questions. Therefore, write ok in that box the second one is the biggest problem they have in their business.

This market research question and the last one is of course our opt-in so they get a newsletter.

If they put their email in and I am going to show you how to get all that information out so both the question and the emails.

How Can I Scrap My Facebook Group to Get Names and Emails?

Having that question can be good for market research as well all right.

So if you have not got that set up yet go ahead and do that, because you are going to need this data in the group to manage this. However, right now, if you have not seen this page before this is where you come.

It says you know 20 people want to join your group you click on that link and it drops you into the member requests area.

How Can I Scrap My Facebook Group to Get Names and Emails?

once we are on this page you are going to need this facebook email extractor chrome extension. It is actually at dataminor.Io.

So these two work together, recipe creator extension for building the extraction tool, and data miner for running it. Once you have built it so you will need both extensions you should be able to get them both from their website.

If not, search for a recipe creator and look for that icon in the chrome extension store. Now both of these tools are actually good for many other things as well like.

How Can I Scrap My Facebook Group to Get Names and Emails?

If you ever need to get information from another website then you can do it using these tools. You can have it. Like go through and pull out lots of data, but in this case, we are going to focus on Facebook groups.

The process to do that is going over to your requests your invite whatever you call it. Once you are all set up, you will need to create a free account with these tools, I mean you should be able to do that by now.

Go ahead and do that then we are going to click on the recipe creator icon and we are going to go a new recipe.

What kind of page are we on list groups, so this is a list of things so we are on a list. We are going to go over to rows and we are going to what a row is a group of all the information we are trying to pull out.

How Can Extract the Information of Members of a Particular Facebook Group?

We are going to extract the Facebook group from this line down to this last line. We are going to find and you will see it says hover over a mouse over an element hit the shift button on your keyboard.

We are going to do this go find so you can see there that is what I want so I am going to hit shift now.

Unfortunately, it has picked up the div and I guess there is a little bit of assuming to knowledge here on HTML. However, this is every page every element on the page is a div. If I take that, it is going to say oh this is all the data we found. We do not want all that.

How Can Extract the Information of Members of a Particular Facebook Group?

Now we are going to uncheck that and view the HTML and what you can see is inside that top-level div. There is a class called 42 cells. We are going to copy that I am going to put a dot, which is the representation for a class in HTML, and paste that in.

You will see it has gone and found all those items you can put a green box around them. It has some other stuff there like this one and this one but we can pull that out later.

We are going to go to confirm and move across two columns and I am going to try. Now I have to try to highlight the data that we want. Find again press shift on this one yeah and then see this is what it is pulled out so if I try this one and click it.

You can see its highlighted look everyone’s name that is perfect that one is going to be a name.

We are going to confirm this one name and add a new column. Now we want the questions so I am going to click find again and try to highlight something.

How Do I Find Facebook Email Ids of Group Members?

So let us pick the first one and we are going to go shift, it has come up with this, which would not be a good one. You will find if I click that, it actually does highlight all the questions, so that is cool.

We are going to leave that selected and go to confirm and call it questions. Well, I guess it answers but this is grabbing all the answers in one cell.

How Do I Find Facebook Email Ids of Group Members?

So we are going to go next and you can use these to step through as well there is no navigation. Then we need some actions and that is Facebook group scraping.

If we scroll down, it is going to keep trying to load more requests and we need it to do that automatically. Before we pull out all this data and it has got this built.

We need to scrape the Facebook group and we are going to add that. That is it we do not need to run JavaScript. We can jump over to the save item and call this say get group questions, whatever you want to call it give it a description.

If you like and then save you can run the recipe, from here but you actually do not need this recipe. Create a plug-in anymore once this is created.

If you want to give this to something to do like I do, they only need that data miner plug-in. so I am going to use that to demonstrate this.

Export Facebook Group Questions

Now click that, we are going to go get group questions and run, and it will pop up this box. It will take that away as you can see it’s scrolling through. That action we created where it has to scroll all the way to the bottom to make sure it has all the questions.

It actually did not take very long at all, it really depends how far it has a scroll. Then it is dumped this all into a spreadsheet.

So now all I have to do is go download to clipboard and now all we have to do is put this into a spreadsheet. So here is one that I have created earlier, I am going to delete all this you will notice all I have to do is go ctrl shift paste.

The reason we did that is so it does not bring in formatting and all random data. However, you can see it has brought in the name as column 1 and column 2 all the questions. In that case, we will just delete a row

How Can I Extract Data From Facebook Groups?

Then we just simply have some formulas to extract Facebook group member’s data.

Formula to get email from answers column =lower(iferror(Regexextract(B3,”[A-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-z0-9.-]+.[A-z]{2,8}”),””)) Formula to get the remaining text from answers column.

This removes any email addresses, and the first word in the answers. =regexreplace(if(iserror(find(” “,B3)),””,trim(mid(B3,find(” “,B3),255))),”[A-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-z0-9.-]+.[A-z]{2,4}”,””)

How Can I Extract Data From Facebook Groups?

We are doing Facebook extraction, I know regex it is a complex topic. This formula will be in the article description below.

You need to copy this into a box referencing v3 and it is going to pull out emails. Any emails that it can find from that thing.

If one exists otherwise, it will be blank, and then in problem it going over the first question. It is looking for its skipping over the first word, which is the mid one you can see here it is looking for the first space.

Then getting a reading from then on and then removing the email. We were left with the problem; I mean this might be a little bit different for your use case. You will have to work that out for yourself, as I guess.

How Can I Extract Data From Facebook Groups?

There are too many things going on in too many different ways to do this Facebook group email extractor.

Now all we do is copy this ctrl c and I have another sheet, which is, and you can paste it in here. In addition, I am not going to do this, because this step is going to vary based on what your process looks like.

Can You Export Facebook Data to an Excel File?

At this point, you could copy those emails directly into your spreadsheet. What I actually do is paste that into here and then we put an x in this column and zippier.

Actually monitors this spreadsheet for updates to this sheet. In addition, if it sees an x in this column then it will send it over to our cram automatically.

Can You Export Facebook Data to an Excel File?

We just run it in batches we give it a date, paste that x in, and then boom. It picks it all up and sends it into our cram, so that is all the steps that we have now.

It should dump out everything we need and we can paste that into us import that to our sheet. All right, your question “how to extract Facebook groups” was answered above this article.

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