Cash flow problems are one cause for failure in growing companies, especially if they don't have enough money to pay their bills on time because they are too busy with other things to take care of their finances well enough.

Make sure to create a plan for your business, where you can easily track your progress and know when to make adjustments. This will help you grow the company later on.

If you over-plan, and sales don't soar to your expectations, it won't be a big financial problem.

The only way you can make money is if people buy things from you and then give it back in the form of money that they owe you for products or services that they bought from someone else before buying yours.

Getting good clients can be a real pain, so watch this video on how to get rid of the problems and headaches.


Software Name ClientFinda
Creator Dr. Ifiok NKEM
Launch Date 26th July 2021
Price $37
Bonuses Yes
Refund 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What Is ClientFinda?

ClientFinda is a revolutionary application that powers your lead generation tool using artificial intelligence. It instantly finds the best buyer leads for your business and provides you with the opportunity to connect with clients, through a carefully-filtered list of the most qualified leads for your business. \ \ ClientFinda uses a vast network of data sources to come up with a list of the most qualified leads for your business.  In this case, you are identified as the perfect marketer to contact them

How Does it Work?

ClientFinda is a lead generation powerful tool to help small local businesses find and generate laser targeted leads from their target audiences. The tool helps local businesses that are just starting out or are just trying to grow their business.


The tool also helps B2B companies that want to increase their sales. The only thing you need is time to request around 5 leads. It takes less than a day to get 5-10 leads. This tool helps you to focus on your business, while generating laser targeted leads and sales.

How to use?

You can set up Client Finda in 3 easy steps by entering your targeted audience group characteristics (location, niche, social media presence, online reviews, etc.) 

  1. The filtering process.
  2.  To avoid wasting time working with dead leads, contact the clients most likely to purchase your services (99% accurate) on the basis of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. 
  3. To avoid wasting resources on dead leads, contact the clients that are most likely to buy your services.

What are the features of ClientFinda

Do you want to know more about your potential clients' businesses? Are you looking for your ideal clients based on the information they share on their profiles on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or other social media?

Building your business and interacting with potential clients can be stressful in itself, but also time-consuming. Using ClientFinda, you can find out who your clients are, what they do, who their competitors are, and what their needs and interests are. Then, you can correspond with them with a message tailored to their businesses and needs.

ClientFinda is an all-in-one client prospecting tool that lets you find prospects, generate leads and manage all your client communication.


You can offer the following services to your clients:

  • GMB Status=: There is no Google My Business listing for them yet? Great! Here's your chance to step up and make a difference!
  • Google Rank=:Does the business rank well on Google? Is the website optimized effectively? Sell them your expertise if not.
  • Ad Pixels=: Are their ads ineffective? Once you connect with them, sell high-converting ads to them almost like you're reading their minds!
  • Google Analytics=:  Find out if your lead uses Google Analytics to track and grow their brand.
  • Schema Markup=:  Get in touch with sites that don't use schema markup so you can offer them your service at a high cost. 
  • Linkedin Profile=: Learn about a business's LinkedIn profile and the connections they have.
  • Facebook Profile=:  Get information about the business's Facebook presence, including likes, posts, and activity.
  • Twitter=: Check out who follows the business on Twitter--and find out how many tweets and retweets they have.

Benefits of using ClientFinda

  1. ClientFinda's technology is based on artificial intelligence, NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING, and MACHINE LEARNING.
  2. You can use our advanced algorithm to find and pre-qualify prospects that are most likely to buy your service.
  3. The solution you're looking for is Lead Generation, the lifeline of your business! To stay in business, you need ClientFinda to close laser-targeted buyer leads.
  4. Those who have purchased ANY app with commercial or agency rights in the past need this to start closing clients and to start earning money from those purchases.
  5. CustomerFinda helps you STOP selling the WRONG services or products to the WRONG businesses.
  6. Boost conversion rates and sales by contacting only the best prospects.
  7. ClientFinda will literally 10X the results of cold calling. Don't contact anyone unless they are interested in your service, and learn as much about your lead as you can before contacting them.

ClientFinda Pricing OTO (How much will it cost?)

What's the real value of this package? I think you should try its true value with a very tiny one-time fee of $37.

As a freelance writer, I was trying to find a method to generate more leads when ClientFinda was born. It was frustrating that quality leads were not available for me, and I was stuck with $100 a month.

When I realized that there must be an easier way to get a great prospect list, I was about to give up and go back to my old ways of doing things.

I spent some time researching, and found ZERO software to meet my needs.

There are 4 OTO options for clientfinda software. If you want full-featured software, you must upgrade this software.

  1. Front End - ClientFinda - $37 (once)
  2. Upgrade 1 - Pro Unlimited - $47 (once)
  3. AI Cold Email Writer - Upgrade 2 - $67 (once)
  4. Upgrade 3: DFY Digital Marketing Services - $67 (once)
  5. Renewal 4 - Resellify + ClientFinda Reseller - $297 or $97 * 4

Who should buy clientfinda?

Find out which industry player would be best suited to this lead generation software and leads planning application. Based on the ClientFinda database, this review contains this knowledge.

  • Owners of businesses
  • Marketing professionals
  • Founders and entrepreneurs
  • Accountant-Charter
  • The Local Business Community
  • Moving companies
  • Agents of travel
  • Investing
  • Trading Cryptocurrencies
  • & Much More

ClientFinda Review - What are the limitations?

Not at all! It is easy to find leads from a wide range of niches using ClientFinda. There are no limitations or restrictions to convert leads into sales.


ClientFinda is a marketing automation software that helps businesses to increase their sales. The marketing automation platform helps businesses to create and manage their email campaigns, social media campaigns, and analytics.

ClientFinda has a client-centric approach and it lets you create automated marketing campaigns that are based on the client's behavior and needs. ClientFinda helps businesses to convert more customers into loyal customers and increase their sales.

Coupon & Discount Codes

A $2 coupon (VIP1) is included in the $37 price by 11 am and a Discount to $37 (coupon code: VIP2) by midnight.

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