Best Whiteboard Animation Maker Software Doodle Maker Review 2020

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  • Colour Doodle Videos
  • AI Photo Background Remover
  • Make Unlimited Videos
  • Full HD 1080P Videos
  • Royalty-Free Music Library
  • Sell Videos To Clients

  • 300 Ready-Made Templates
  • Text-To-Speech in 60 Languages
  • 1-Click Language Translation
  • Millions of Doodle Assets
  • Photo To Sketch Converter
  • Drag & Drop Video Editor

Our Testimonials

Damon Nelson – Internet Marketer

Shana – Business Owner

Catherine – Author

Amplify Your Impact, Reach and Results

Animated doodle videos drive sky high engagement

Drastically Increase Online

Traffic & Click Rates

Animated whiteboard videos have been shown to increase visitor and click through rates over traditional marketing materials –

Capture And KEEP Viewer


Doodle animation videos retain subject attention by 15% MORE than a live-narrative film – Dr. Richard Wiseman, highly regarded science and psychology professor

Naturally Boost Conversions

and Sales

These MULTI-SENSORY videos generate up to 9X higher conversions & 2X higher sales over standard talking head videos

Passively Grow Your


Doodle videos are 3X more likely to be shared & can increase referrals to your offers by 32%

But There Is A Problem…

Doodle Video Creation Was Not Easy Until Today!

  • Creating great videos yourself takes time & technical skill
  • Demand has caused outsourcing costs to skyrocket
  • You have to buy expensive and complicated video editors & tools
  • Most doodle video apps are limited on features, and complicatedto use and still high in price.
and can still take You HOURS to produce just 90 seconds of video

The Generation of Artificial intelligence Has Arrived


High Impact Doodle Videos In

Create Unlimited Doodle Videos – No Limits!

Whiteboard, Blackboard, Glassboard Or Videos With Your Custom Backgrounds

Whiteboard Doodle Studio
Blackboard Doodle Studio
Glassboard Doodle Studio

Artificial Intelligence

Video Maker

Experience the fastest animated doodle maker on the planet.

This first-to-market A.I. technology simplifies video creation to save you hours. It does all the heavy lifting to produce premium quality videos on any topic.

Multilingual Videos

Exploit unsaturated markets & untapped traffic sources.

The software can translate any video into over
60 languages on-the-fly.

Choose from 160+ human-sounding voices to give life
to your message.


Video Capabilities

Create Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard or videos with your own custom background image or color from
inside ONE platform!

Full Color Or Black & White

Set the perfect theme for any message by creating videos
in vivid full color or timeless black and white.

Doodle Maker

Unleashes Unlimited Possibilities

Easily Make Videos For Any Goal

With Unmatched
Versatility, Flexibility &

True Creative Freedom

  • Create from over 300+ templates
  • Create from scratch
  • Use one-click translation and AI to turn old videos into attention-grabbing doodle videos in any language!
  • Use built-in A.I. to create world-class videos faster than ever before.

With Doodle Maker You Can
Easily Make Brand New Videos

And Re-purpose Content You Already Have!

Convert ALL your existing content including

Blog & Social Posts | YouTube Videos | Slideshow Presentations

Into engaging animated doodle videos effortlessly with next generation A.I.

One Platform For Universal Doodle
Video Applications

Here’s Just A TINY Selection of Who Doodle Maker Software is Perfect For
  1. Content Creators
  2. Teachers
  3. Freelancers
  4. Coaches
  5. Digital Marketers
  6. Offline & Online Businesses
  7. Affiliate Marketers
  8. YouTubers Authors
  9. Social Media Managers
  10. Bloggers
  11. And Many others

Unlimited Possibilities From One

All-Inclusive Dashboard

  • Sales Videos
  • Facebook Ads
  • Educational
  • YouTube

Get Instant Access To Doodle Maker

It’s Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar

We have been digital entrepreneurs with over 2 decades of experience and have amassed countless awards for creating cutting edge software solutions and products that help people get results.

We are fortunate to be able to serve over 500,000 customers worldwide.

Our company has developed dozens of top-selling video applications that cater to a whole range of people, including but not limited to individuals, freelancers, agencies and marketers of all backgrounds, ages, skill levels and experience.

Thousands of these customers have told us they need to adapt to the changing market conditions of the new online reality.

So we developed Doodle Maker to solve the struggles people have with using video to achieve their goals

Everything You Need For Multi-Purpose
Doodle Videos In ANY Language Inside

One Dashboard

Need Global Traffic?

SOLVED: Create videos in any language with on-the-fly translation, industry-leading text-to-speech and the ability to record or upload your own voiceover.

Not enough time or technical skill?

SOLVED: Make videos in minutes with zero technical skills using first-to-market artificial intelligence technology.

Need unlimited versatility?

SOLVED: Generate whiteboard, glassboard and blackboard doodle videos with ease from templates, from scratch or from other content.

Need Professional Quality?

SOLVED: DoodleMaker features stunning templates, visual media, special effects & animations for studio quality productions.

Need a budget-friendly solution?

SOLVED: make unlimited, expert-level doodle videos without expensive equipment or any monthly fees.

Lacking ideas or creativity?

SOLVED: Let the A.I. Video Translation Engine turn other content – even YouTube Creative Commons – into unique videos for you!

Attract, Engage and
Convert With Stunning
Doodle Videos

Animated doodle videos are unbeatable for grabbing attention and inspiring action BECAUSE they’re multi-sensory so people listen, read and watch at the same time.

Now you can enjoy next-level video engagement for ANY project WITHOUT experience, multiple tools, or ever being on camera

Limitless Video Creation On The Cloud…

Animated Doodle Video Creator Powered By Artificial Intelligence


Works on any device, nothing to
install, automatic updates


Create & render unlimited videos
with no restrictions



Sell Doodle Maker videos
to clients and keep all the

Look Like A PRO Video Animator With Over 300 Stunning Templates Across Today’s Hottest Niches & Industries

It’s The Easiest Way To Get Guaranteed Results With Video

Look Like A PRO Video Animator With Over 300 Stunning
Templates Across Today’s Hottest Niches & Industries

100+ Ultra-Versatile
Whiteboard Video

100+ Dynamic
Glassboard Video

100+ Sleek
Blackboard Video

Every Professionally-Designed
Template Includes:


Male and Female
voiceovers in 60 Languages
& 160 Voices


Doodle style effects, transitions
and animations


change colors, backgrounds,
images and more

UNLIMITED Possibilities For Effortless Video Creation

Create Doodle Videos From TemplatesFrom Scratch or From Old Videos In Minutes

Step #1Select

Choose a WhiteboardBlackboardGlassboard or Custom
Background Canvas

Select a ready-made template with over 300+ to choose from
or start from scratch

or you can enter your YouTube URL and repurpose your own
old content!


You’re ready to go!

Customize your doodle for that more unique touch, Change imagescolorstexts and animations, select a voice, choose any language, add a soundtrack.

Endless possibilities and customization!


Hit Generate and create High quality gorgeous doodle videos in ANY language within minutes!

Now you can capture, convert, and profit!


Seeing is Believing: Automatic Video
Creation In Any Niche …

With Unmatched Flexibility

See How To Attract, Engage, Educate & Convert Audiences With Stunning Doodle Videos Made In Minutes.

(Click Play To Watch DoodleMaker In Action)Skyrocket Your Results
With Industry-Leading Features

For Videos Your Viewers Will Love & Competitors Will Envy

300+ Video Templates Inside

Select from a wide variety of ready-made whiteboard,
glassboard, & blackboard video templates from the hottest
niches & industries.

Our stunning templates come loaded with human male & female voiceovers with effects and animations already done and ready to go!

Customize the templates as you like for endless possibilities for personal or commercial use!

Human-Style Text-To-Speech

In 60+ Languages

Turn any text into a beautiful male or female voice to use as a voiceover for your videos! Supports all major languages & accents!

Our stunning templates come loaded with human male & female voiceovers with effects and animations already done and ready to go!

There’s no need to be on camera, record your own voice or pay for high-priced voiceover artists.

1-Click Video Translation Engine

Effortlessly convert your videos into ANY language with 1-click translation engine for true global reach

Blackboard, Whiteboard,

Glassboard Switcher

Convert any video into 3 different formats in seconds.
Create any video and switch to a different style with 1-click!

The built-in artificial intelligence engine will automatically turn your images & text into different colors to match your video style!

In-App Voice Recording

or upload and sync a pre-recorded audio file to use as the voiceover for the Doodle videos you create.

Millions Of High Quality

Doodle Images & Icons

Convert any video into 3 different formats in seconds.
Create any video and switch to a different style with 1-click!

Customize your masterpiece from the included library of doodle images, Pixabay / iconfinder integration or by uploading your own images.

Image To Sketch Converter

Turn any image into a sketch style doodle in seconds.
Add unlimited variety to make any scene unique

Built-In Color Changer

Make videos in black-and-white or color with total
ease. Change colors of any element with the click of
your mouse.

Built-In Doodle Style Transitions

Next-gen doodle style transitions to add an extra POP and professional feel to your videos.
Have your text and images Fade-in, Slide-from-Bottom, Slide from left/right, or hand paint with 1-click!

Share Anywhere In HD Quality

Download your videos in 720 or 1080 FULL HD to
share on any platform.

Save time with the included YouTube and Vimeo Publisher.


Free Commercial License Included [$97 Value]

Sell DoodleMaker Videos For Extra Income With No Limits

Here are THREE Easy Ways To Profit With Doodle Videos

Charge businesses and marketers either per video or a monthly retainer

Earn by helping coaches, consultants & educators convert old content into
dynamic doodle videos for online audiences

Add doodle videos to your existing service offerings to maximize revenues
per client!

Short doodle videos sell for $300 – $500 on freelance websites

With DoodleMaker you can make them for clients in any industry in minutes with no technical
skills or special knowledge!

Forget Spending Big Bucks On Old
& Outdated Doodle Apps

Doodle Maker Gives You The Competitive Edge WITHOUT Any Of
The Limitations Of Other Tools

Simplify Your Life, Business & Balance Sheet

Replace MULTIPLE Expensive Apps & Subscriptions

YES! Doodle Maker does it all.

Doodle videos from templates, from scratch or from any content with the power of artificial intelligence

On-the-fly language translation, text-to-speech in over 60 languages, voiceovers in 160+ male and female voices

Whiteboard, blackboard & glassboard switcher, color image to doodle sketch converter

Built-in animations, transitions and effortless customization.

It would take at least 8 different apps working overtime to come close to what DoodleMaker can do.

Compare Doodle Maker To Other Apps

The Choice Is Clear

No Download or Installation Required


Act Now To Claim The Following
Custom Fast Action Bonuses With Your Access

Bonus #1

Royalty-Free Image
Library Value $197

You never need to buy images. You have
access to a library of high quality images
with over a million to choose from!

Bonus #2

Royalty-Free Music
Library Value $197

Engaging audio is proven to boost
video conversions, but it’s not easy to
find music you can legally use.

You’re covered with this huge variety
of royalty-free tracks for your videos

Bonus #3


For a limited time only sell your
doodle video services to clients
and charge hefty fees

Bonus #4

Unlimited Video

You get the ability to create
unlimited doodles. We cover all
the costs for you!

There’s So Much Here For So Little
What’s The Catch?

Your license to DoodleMaker includes unlimited video creation, for both you and clients.

This involves significant, ongoing costs to us.

So the catch is we can only accept a limited number of people at this LOW one-time price.

Once this exclusive offer closes, the one-time price may expire and be replaced by a monthly subscription without notice.

IMPORTANT: Maintaining premium service for all customers requires robust hosting infrastructure and bandwidth.
Ongoing app updates and feature upgrades require a further investment in specialized developers.

So we expect the price to rise to a monthly subscription of at least $67 per month in the near future.

The reason we’re offering DoodleMaker at such a low one time price today is to give anyone the ability to leverage next-generation doodle videos for game changing results.

Just please understand the price can’t – and won’t – stay this low for long. So take advantage of this amazingly low introductory price while you can!

DoodleMaker Is Backed By 

Pick The Option That’s Best For You

Doodle Maker

  • Unlimited Videos: No Limits!
  • Artificial Intelligence Video Maker
  • 300+ Ready-Made Video Templates
  • From Scratch Custom Video Editor
  • A.I. Video Translation Engine
  • Color & Black-and-White Doodles
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • 5 Million Royalty-Free Images
  • Copyright-Free Music Library
  • Doodle Style Animations
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Up To 6 Minutes Video Length
  • Commercial License

(Launch Discount Expires Soon)

30 Day money back guarantee!


  • Unlimited Videos: No Limits!
  • Artificial Intelligence Video Maker
  • 300+ Ready-Made Video Templates
  • From Scratch Custom Video Editor
  • A.I. Video Translation Engine
  • Color & Black-and-White Doodles
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • 5 Million Royalty-Free Images
  • Copyright-Free Music Library
  • Doodle Style Animations
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • 1080P HD Videos
  • Up To 15 Minutes Video Length
  • Commercial License
  • Client-Getting Training

(Launch Discount Expires Soon)

30 Day money back guarantee!

Thanks for visiting this page. We wish you all success!

Meet The Founders



Paul Ponna is an award winning tech entrepreneur, speaker, author & consultant with over 14 years of experience online from Canada. He is the founder of several million dollar SAAS companies.



Sid Diwar is an experienced tech entrepreneur, software developer and marketing consultant from Canada. He worked behind the scenes designing marketing campaigns and product ideas that went on to become million dollar ventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can contact us at [email protected] for a no questions asked refund.

YES – DoodleMaker comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process right from creating your videos to getting results. (yes, this also includes how to sell your videos for top dollar!)

DoodleMaker comes loaded with industry leading features that are not available in any other app.

Artificial intelligence, 300 ready-made video templates, text-to-speech, 1-click language translation, text-to-doodle video converter, colour or black&white doodles, millions of doodle assets and a whole lot more.

You get everything for a low one-time price. Nothing comes close!

Yes! You can easily upload all your own images, photos, logos and other content, remove their backgrounds automatically and convert them into doodle style videos effortlessly from within the app.

There is no catch! You can use DoodleMaker to create as many videos as you want, as often as you want, in as many niches as you want. Unlimited text-to-speech and language translation is also included. No limits.

Yes! We’re including commercial rights, so you can create and sell videos to clients as often as you want … and keep 100% of the profits.

YES! Since you can create UNLIMITED videos with DoodleMaker. If you want more length, you can create multiple videos and attach them together. We have a step by step video tutorial on how to do this.

Are There Any Monthly or Yearly Charges? You only pay ONCE for all the features and unlimited usage. There are NO monthly or yearly fees ever!

Get Instant Access To Doodle Maker

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