When you use Facebook for marketing, you probably want to advertise on social networks. However, Facebook does not offer any built-in tools to assist with email collection. Here we will show you how to automate the process with an online tool that collects emails from the Facebook interface.

X2emails have recently launched their new brand name called Xtractlead, which can help you to get leads from facebook for your business much more effectively than before. 

It was initially developed as a tool for email marketers. Still, over time, the developers decided to develop it into a full-fledged email marketing and more powerful email extracting software.

It uses AI-powered technology to generate high-quality leads for your business, using only publicly available data from social media profiles, websites, blogs, forums, and more.

Xtractlead now supports several different types of marketing channels like email marketing, lead generation, and more.

Xtractlead has new features such as:

  • Improved layout and navigation.
  • Dynamic data import to your web page.
  • New reporting tool with exportable CSV file for further analysis.
  • An intuitive design that makes it easy to use.
  • A uniquely designed user interface that is simple to use, intuitive, and visually appealing.
  • The purchase process is faster and easier than ever before, with the ability to view and accept payment in seconds.
  • The updated version includes new reporting options such as lead scoring and funnel analysis for easy business decision-making.

For getting Facebook leads, the Xtractlead email grabber extension works smoothly. It is possible to extract the generated leads from different Facebook services like facebook pages, facebook groups, posts and facebook profiles individually. That is why this is the go for tool for you.

The Facebook email extractor can extract emails from Facebook groups, pages, posts with a single button click.

Do not get confused among all the options in the market. Try to focus on your needs and what features will fulfill your requirements.

To make it easy for you, I have explained a total theory of selecting the best facebook email extractor. I also chose an ideal option as per the best of my knowledge in this field

I believe it will commemorate the purpose you are seeking. Use this guide to get the best email extractor tools.

How to use Facebook email extractor?

It varies from software to software since every other Facebook email scraper has its own stability and interface.

But, some steps are much similar among all of the tools which are available in the market, Such as:

● Collect the user id of facebook.

● Put the is onto the scraping field.

● Generation systematically.

The in-depth explanation of a facebook email finder is given below. I have chosen Xtract lead as a mark to clarify since it is the best available scraper of Facebook emails.

Best Fb Email Extractor finder Extractor

In a few words, Xtract lead is the perfect Instagram and Facebook phone and email extractor to collect customer email addresses from groups, pages, sponsored posts, and friends lists.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to read the whole directory, you can go for the Xtract lead tool. I strongly recommend this tool to extract the targeted lead from Facebook.

The easy-to-use ability makes it perfect for both beginners and experts. But I will prefer you to review the full report before making your purchase decision. Every tool has its ideal way of use which can help to bring the best outcome. So this guide will definitely help you to bring the perfect out from Xtract lead for your task.

Xtractlead Review: The Best Online Facebook Email Extractor

So tie the belt to get into the journey, which is inoculated with opportunity. You already are aware that e-mail advertising, marketing and e-commerce are in a steady growing mode. The unlimited changes in this creative field can be mesmerizing for you.

A 14-day money-back guarantee protects your low investment.

  1. Spy Targeted Facebook Ads
  2. Helpful to Dropshipping, Print on demand, etc.
  3. Extract Email (Page Or Group)
  4. Send Privet Emails

What is Xtractleads?

Xtractlead was previously called x2emails.

Xtractlead is a 2-in-1 Facebook email extractor that lets you extract a customer's email and phone number. Xtract lead allows its users to reach the right prospects and increase their sales.

How Does Xtract lead Work?

There is no complicated process to use this software as the developer wanted to make it a tool. Although, I have tried to explain a step-by-step process so that you can get a whole idea. 

Step – 01 Here is the link to create an Xtract lead account: 👉👉 Sign Up 👈👈

When you pay for the license key (check your email, which you used at the time of enrolment), the system automatically sends your license code.

Step – 02 Activate your account with your license key. 


You should first sign in to your Xtract lead account and then add the license code for activation.

To activate, You need to click on the left sidebar of the page; a popup window will appear, then copy the license code from your email and paste it into that box. After this process, your account will be activated instantly.

Xtractlead is the best extraction tool within the online marketing industry; if you wish to license the x2emails license code, click on the pricing page, then scroll down and click buy now; you have to pay $59 for a one-time payment.

Step – 03 Add your Facebook account to Xtract lead.

Users are never asked for their personal Facebook details in Xtract lead. They are only asked for this to enable the technical process. Thus, they suggest you open a new Facebook account and connect it to Xtract lead.

The Xtract lead team will help you with creating new facebook accounts if you are not used to doing that  

Note: They will not be responsible for the suspension of this account while scraping facebook emails.

Step – 04 To scrape the data, select an ideal Facebook group or fan page.

Get any fb organization or FB fan page for email scraping. Visit facebook.com and find niche-related organizations. 

For instance, if you want to scrap the email list related to the health industry. You have to select a group or fan page of a clinic, doctor or anything related. Copy the group or fan page UID URL and Place that into the boxes and click extract.

Note: If you are looking for people's Facebook usernames, then you need to use Xtract lead to find the ID of certain individuals. At the left hand side panel you will find an option to look up your friends Facebook usernames. You can turn the URL into UID by going to x2emails services and choose the service.

Why should you go for Xtractlead?

As far as email delivery goes, there are many options out there. There are some free options that are considered quite good, but there are plenty of options when it comes to paying for a service. The most popular of these is probably MailChimp, but they compete with over 45 others in the space.

Most of them are just a script for powerfully collecting data, which is not suitable for niche-based targeted leads.

Why should you go for X2emails

If you were looking for a simple yet efficient tool to look for emails on Facebook, Xtract lead is what you need. It provides you with accurate data, which you can then use to target potential customers.

It gives you the ability to reach out to them through your marketing material. By extracting data from Facebook, it is very simple to find potential customers for your business. It's time to turn your business up a notch!

📧 15 Best Facebook Email Extractor (Xtractlead) Features You Will Love 🥰

  1. Facebook Group extractor
  2. Facebook post email extractor tools Facebook Group email extractor tools
  3. Facebook Fan Page cell phone, mobile Number extractor
  4. Facebook post cell phone, mobile Number extractor
  5. Facebook Group Mobile Number extractor
  6. Scrape valid Emails from Facebook Friends list
  7. Extracts Emails from Facebook Public and secret Groups
  8. Extracts cell phone, mobile Numbers from Facebook Public and private Groups
  9. Searching Groups by Keywords
  10. Searching Fanpages by Keywords
  11. Advanced Search on Facebook
  12. Facebook User Insight
  13. Post & Schedule
  14. Content Search
  15. Social Email Extractor

E-COMMERCE Extractor

  • Winning Products
  • Trending Products
  • Shopify Products
  • Shopify Store Finder
  • Facebook Ads Spy
  • Ads Analytics
  • Merch By AMZ

FB ads scanner + FBEcom 2.0 is a game-changer for people who are in the field of dropshipping e-commerce, Shopify and eBay. These features work as the real mine and help to make extra money. It has also the ability to see over the competitors ads in real-time.

How to Extract Email Addresses From Facebook?

Xtractlead is not a single tool software. You can scrape email address, phone numbers, and both at the same time. Here I have tried to explain the process of extracting the email addresses from facebook.


My fan-page demo is Chris Record, who is one of the most famous entrepreneurs around the world. He is also an email marketing expert.

His fan page has 156,917 followers.

  1. Now, I have to locate the Name ID of the fan page. 
  2. First I must have the URL of the page from Facebook.
  3.  Copy the URL to the search box of I-d finder.com
  4. Then I need to hunt for the Numeric ID of that fan page.
  5. The finder.com will print the Numeric ID number.
  6. Now in Xtractlead, click on the EXTRACT EMAIL FROM Fan-page. 
  7. Glue the Numeric ID Number at the Webpage ID box and then click on media EXTRACT.
  8. It will go through each and every post from the beginning of this page.

This process will extract all the Facebook accounts that commented on the fan page. Not only will it extract public email addresses, but names, phone numbers, and other details as well.

This will continue surfing till you do not stop or the group gets out of data. In that case, it depends on the size of a group and page.

To stop scraping emails from Xtract lead, press stop preventing it. To download the entire data, click on the download button. In this manner, you will get to see that Email Extractor has collected all the emails, cell phone numbers, and every other detail you need in digital promotion.

Facebook Group Extractor

The service extracts the member's data of a group and downloads the information into an excel file. The general idea of generating emails from facebook groups is given below.


How To Extract Targeted Emails From Facebook Groups?

  1. You need to Install the Xtract lead extension into your browser. 
  2. Then sign in with your Facebook account and click the extension. Go back and click submit. 
  3. Furthermore, select Facebook email extractor and click group extractor.
  4. You are required to assign the targeted group to scrap the data. Copy the group id from the URL. 
  5. Paste it into the extract button.
  6. Now you are set from the process. After that, just click on Extract. 
  7. Emails will start scrapping. 
  8. After completing the process, you just need to download them. That's the way to scrape emails from Facebook group.

Facebook Email Extractor Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will provide you a hands-on idea of using this tremendous tool.

You can learn how to extract Facebook emails with Xtract lead using the video below. Using the Xtractlead Mail extractor with other sources is also possible if you follow the exact procedure.

Facebook Fan Page Extractor

If you are aspiring to extract the data of a fan page, you also can use Xtract lead. Fan page is a source where you can find some loyal customs to expand your business. It even can be a promising source for your plan to gather emails or phone numbers. 

Now, the steps to use Xtract lead for extract data from a fan page.


  1. The process is pretty much the same.
  2. You need to install the chrome extension and 
  3. Log into your Facebook account.
  4. Then click the extension and find the fan page extractor option.
  5. Paste the fan page URL into the find uid box. Now click find UID.

After copying it, paste it on the fan page extractor box. The extract button will start extracting the data from the Facebook fan page. 

Once it finishes, stop it and download the data in CSV format. That's how, You will get a list of Facebook emails for the marketing purpose of your business.

Facebook Post Extractor

Other than data of the fans from a fan page, you can even extract the public data of post publishers, likers, commenters and Emails with this precious tool.


The process is like: 

  1. Get fan page post information with this service
  2. Get the UID from the post URL and copy it. From the dashboard select the post puller. 
  3. Then paste the UID on the box and click the extract button. That is it to get the result.

As like before, you will store it to use it for the progression of your business.

Facebook Profile Extractor

Although, it seems like you will not get that much data from a Facebook profile. But the truth is different. You will find tons of profiles with tons of friends and followers. Those can also be useful for some niches.


The method of doing so:

  1. Go to the facebook profile and copy the user id from the link. 
  2. Use the Facebook profile extractor dashboard to paste the UID and click the extract button.
  3. It will start extracting your profile friends' data.
  4. Now you will be able to download the results to an excel file.

Facebook Friends Extractor

You already understood that this tool provides the service of every permutations and combination of Facebook to find leads from Facebook.

The method of downloading a file containing the full friends' id.

  1. First copy the domain from the friends' extractor. 
  2. Put the domain name into the friend's extractor and hit extract. 
  3. Now the data will be extracted and you can download it.

Facebook Country-Wise Extractor


To be honest, I was also not ready to believe this feature when I first got to know about Xtractlead. How that can be possible to filter a county to get leads. However, this has that feature to do so. Isn't it great for those who want to target the people of a certain county?

In the system, You can download group data in excel by selecting any country and then the service will automatically extract all the information. Go to Facebook and click the Xtract lead link (country-wise), then copy the UID like before and paste it.

Facebook Uid to Email Converter

Till now you must be frustrated with the UID of Facebook groups, pages, profiles and so on.

How will it feel to you if you can collect a huge list of UID at once and put them on a search box to scrap the total list of emails from all of those accounts?


There is a UID converter feature to do this task for you.

  1. Go to IT and click it. 
  2. You can upload UID as a text file or paste them directly. 
  3. Now, click the convert button. Search email address or It will convert your email address into an Excel file with a detailed contact address.

Facebook Group Extractor


  1. Enough to get emails, here you can find the public phone numbers from all the processes above
  2. You'll get a full list of group members in an Excel file from that manual.
  3. You use the extension from Facebook or use the group phone extractor directly from your dashboard to get this service.
  4. Copy the group uid and paste it in the box. 
  5. In return you will get a list of your group members' phone numbers in Excel format

Facebook Fan page Phone Extractor


As I said, you can then extract the fan page followers' phone numbers.

  1. In order to get the list of phone numbers, the fan page must contain an uid. 
  2. There is an option in Xtract lead of a fan page phone extractor. 
  3. In the steps, copy the uid and paste it in the box and click the extract button. 
  4. This will serve a list of numbers from all the available Public IDs.

Facebook Post Phone Extractor

Facebook Post Phone Extractor

To generate the post phone number, your step will be pretty much the same as before. Include the post into the target cell number field (same as the post uid) and click the extract button. The data will be extracted into an excel file and you will be able to download those.

Facebook Profile Phone Extractor

  1. The profile phone extractor extracts profile phone numbers from the personal profile.
  2. You just need to copy and paste the profile ID onto the profile phone extractor. 
  3. Once you've pasted it, the extracting process will begin. 
  4. In this technique, the full social media profile details will be downloaded in an excel file.

Facebook Friend Phone Extractor

Facebook Friend Phone Extractor

  1. If you want to get the phone number of friends list, 
  2. Go to the friend's profile on Facebook and copy the UID. 
  3. After pasted into this into the x2 dashboard.
  4. Friend's phone numbers will be extracted.
  5. After that, you will be eligible to download the information.

Buy fbsendy, activate your license and send bulk messages to Facebook users without getting banned.

Best Facebook email scraper

Get A Free Demo Service to get a better understanding of this Facebook email grabber: 👉👉 Sign Up 👈👈

Other Helping tools for your digital career

Besides Facebook email scraping, there are also some amazing tools to aid you in marketing. All of which are valuable to running a business, no matter what it is.

Facebook Email Extractor (Xtractlead)

How Xtractlead Extractor will help You?

With the Xtractlead extractor, you can access 150,000000+ emails of businessmen, entrepreneurs, and merchants.

● You can make your very own store successful with the help of Facebook Advertising. You could spy any sponsored advertisements on Facebook! Can show you how each sponsored advertisement works!

● You can expect Just-Launched trending to deliver one of the latest services and products which could bring you a huge profit.

What's Xtractlead HOT Feature!


With each passing day, Xtract lead is getting better and better. The developers are working hard to make it more user-friendly. In addition to the multipurpose tool, other services are being added.For instance, The updated servers are extremely fast and have an excellent performance record. In recent times, it has been seen to scrap 44k records in one go. From this it is possible to calculate and compare the X2Emails exceptional capability. This is the only tool I know of which can do this much from a single URL.

The assistant of the unregistered desktop version was also updated to the web-based one.

Why is Xtractlead the All-in-one online Facebook Email Scraper Tool?

● No 1 Facebook Adverts Spy Tool

● No 1 E-Commerce Tool

● 24/7 Service

● Upgrades and constantly grows with Gigantic Growing Team and Fixing Team

● 3k+ Paid Customers

● 1years of Experience

They are committed to supplying you with excellent providers and upgrades!

Other than that:

You Can Get Daily Unlimited Emails out of Xtractlead!

You can create a massive database which is only because of the unlimited usability.

The additional method of obtaining emails on Email Marketing, which is through Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Accounts.

All in all, I have demonstrated how to easily pull contact lists from Facebook With the assistance of this program.

● Xtractlead Offers valid emails in significantly less time.

● Extracts Targeted valid emails from Facebook Groups.

● Extract Email From Facebook page and post.

● Extract valid emails from your Associates or Friends of Friends in Facebook Accounts.

● Offers advice on Best-seller Goods, Newly Launched Services and Products,

● Product Revenue by FBE.com The best way to Bring Emails from Facebook.

● You can also Extract Mobile numbers From Facebook Fan Page and Groups.


● Take Little Bit More Time

● Groups members must be 1K above

How To Setup Xtractlead facebook email extractor chrome extension?

If you want to use the Google email scraper Chrome extension for extracting data from facebook. you have to set it up properly. As if, the extension does not dispute your task.

Download the Xtract lead Google toolkit version 6 from top of the dashboard.


● Unzip it

● Now go to the Google Chrome extension section and enable developer mood.

● click load unpacks.

● Lastly, find the folder and select it.

After the process, Xtractlead extension will be added to your browser.

Xtractlead supported device

Xtractlead is a web-based tool, it Doesn't require any specific device or operating system to work. It is usable in any device, whether it is MAC, windows or any other system. Just you need to have an internet connection to access and skills to use it.

Troubleshooting the Various Issues of Xtract lead

Every technology has its drawbacks in terms of technical issues, if you are a tech geek, you might be aware of that. By the time of using this email finder, you can also face some problems. So I have tried to explain those as well as the solution to them.

A slow internet connection problem is one of the major problems of google chrome; while you try to download the scrapping data, this problem occurs. In that case, if you have the business pack x2emails, you can start the extraction from where you left.

  • Xtractlead Offers valid emails in significantly less time.
  • Extracts Targeted valid emails from Facebook Groups.
  • Extract Email From Facebook page and post.
  • Extract valid emails from your Associates or Friends of Friends in Facebook Accounts.
  • Offers advice on Best-seller Goods, Newly Launched Services and Products.
  • Product Revenue by FBE.com The best way to Bring Emails from Facebook.
  • You can also Extract Mobile numbers From Facebook Fan Page and Groups.
  • Take Little Bit More Time.
  • Groups members must be 1K above.

Instagram Email Extractor (Profilemate)

Getting email addresses, phone numbers, and usernames of Instagram followers can be time-consuming. If you want to extract Instagram followers for a particular country, you should get the help of Profilemate.

Get information from Instagram by pasting the username into the extractor and choosing the country. Once the username is entered, it will start extracting the information.

ProfileMate is an Instagram marketing tool, which helps you to collect hundreds of emails & mobile numbers of any profile on Instagram ethically!

This tool is designed by Luke Maguire, one of the top vendors of Australia on JVZoo. He has put in a lot of effort to make this tool that will help in your growth.

The greatest advantage to sending emails is that they convert most effectively than all other marketing mediums.

Each dollar a marketer spends on an email gets back $42 in the United States alone. This is a lot of money!

Now you can imagine its importance. With Instagram Email Extractor, you can search for people’s contact information with a single click.

  • Get contact details ethically by the hundreds to thousands daily
  • See the most engaged users of multiple pages combined. Allowing you to market to the PERFECT customer
  • Be able to convert FANS (including your competitors) into SALES directly from the information Profitmate provides you, day in, day out.
  • Scan any profile (competitor or your own)
  • Search 2000 profiles a day netting an average of 50-150 targeted emails every 24 houses (with the ability to get many more)
  • Mass contact & convert these leads instantly for free.
  • No significant cons until now.

Facebook Ads Spy Tool (Adscouter)

Here you are getting into the new world of marketing with this feature of adscounter. The Facebook ads spy tool helps you to find out the posts on facebook are currently trending.

You can even filter your competitor's facebook ads without any limit. Just select the filter option from the dashboard. Enter your keyword and start searching.

Read Full Review From Here: Adscouter Review 2021: No.#1 Facebook Ads Spy Tool

Facebook Ads Analytics

In addition, the Facebook Ads Analytics option can analyze your Facebook ads. It will give you a detailed picture of the performance of your ads.

Shopify Product Finder

For the Shopify marketer, Adscouter has incredible service. 

The service can help you find the winning products on Shopify. If you are looking for evergreen money-making products on Shopify, you can rely on this tool

In the process:

  1. Go to the dashboard and select the tool.
  2. Enter your keyword and start finding Shopify earning products
  • Search With Laser-Focused Precision
  • Replicate & Profi
  • Hack your competitors pages & funnels
  • Create highly profitable sales funnel ads & campaigns
  • Nothing Found Yet

All Social Media Ads Spy Tool (Spyvio)

Similar to Facebook ads spy, this can spy on the ads of other competitors. If you want to find a high-converting products store on Shopify?

You can easily find them with Best Reverse Engineer Ads Tool Spyvio. You can do a keyword search, and the tool will find the highest converting stores for you.

  • FIND: Research, collect & store MORE profitable ads, funnels & emails of ALL your competitors
  • PICK: Get instant access to 100 top businesses - their highest-earning funnels, emails and ad campaigns
  • SAVE: Save time & money on ‘hit-n-trial’ of campaigns that don’t work
  • CREATE: 1-Click copy winning campaigns without spending any money
  • PROFIT: Customize these campaigns for your own business for instant profits
  • TODAY ONLY - FREE COMMERCIAL LICENSE INCLUDED: Sell proven-to-convert Funnels, Emails & Ads for BIG bucks!
  • Rapid ‘Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
  • Unlimited Searches, Bookmarks
  • Spy On FB, Insta, Messenger & Google Ads
  • Nothing Found Yet

Local Leads Finder (ClientFinda)

ClientFinda is a revolutionary application that powers your lead generation tool using artificial intelligence.

It instantly finds the best buyer leads for your business and provides you with the opportunity to connect with clients, through a carefully-filtered list of the most qualified leads for your business. 

ClientFinda uses a vast network of data sources to come up with a list of the most qualified leads for your business.  In this case, you are identified as the perfect marketer to contact them

How Does it Work?

ClientFinda is a lead generation powerful tool to help small local businesses find and generate laser targeted leads from their target audiences. The tool helps local businesses that are just starting out or are just trying to grow their business.

The tool also helps B2B companies that want to increase their sales. The only thing you need is time to request around 5 leads. It takes less than a day to get 5-10 leads. This tool helps you to focus on your business, while generating laser targeted leads and sales.

  • Increase sales
  • Increase leads
  • Get more customers Find new companies in your area
  • Save time and money Get more business in your area
  • The Price Is Increasing