The Best Facebook Email Extractor in 2021?

Today, X2emails is the perfect Instagram and Facebook phone and email extractor to gather email addresses from groups, pages, sponsored posts and friends lists.

In case you lack the time or patience to read through the entire guide, I have the solution for you right here. I strongly recommend using the x2emails. It's an excellent tool with awesome features.

It's easy to use, so it's perfect both for beginners and experts. But we highly recommend reviewing the full report before making your purchase decision. All the email extractor tools work in the same way, so you will not be able to find one that focuses on your needs.

Best Facebook Email Extractor Online – X2emails Review

So this is the biggest opportunity in upcoming years! The reality is e-mail advertising and marketing and e-commerce are still developing at an unprecedented fee in this virtual age and there are unlimited chances for you.

Your low investment is protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Spy Targeted Facebook Ads like Dropshipping, Print on demand, etc.
  2. Extract Email (Page Or Post )
  3. Send Email
  4. Boooooooooooooom!

Facebook Email Extractor

What is X2emails?

A 2-in 1-facebook email extractor allows you to extract customer's data. X2emails enables its users to reach the right customers and grow their business sales.

The X2Emails Service Review (Customer Feedback)

New update for X2Emails 2021.

It's been updated with new servers & API please try to scrape old web pages and groups you haven't scraped recently you will have more data you didn't get before.

X2Emails 2021 New Update

I got beta links today & the speed was pretty good with the new servers. I scraped 44k data without any next URL. Let me know what you think.

The X2Emails service is amazing and you can make a fortune if you use it correctly. ( I'm a member just like everyone else, but I'm that kind of person who wants everyone to succeed and be happy!)

Reminder: X2Emails is a tool, and you need to know how to use it correctly. (AS OF NOW, you can't find anything like it. It's reliable and it doesn't cost much money)

It definitely won't be long before you receive 7 figure business with our extracted email list. [THE CATCH: If you use this tool the right way.]

Make sure your list is valid and send out emails along with Facebook and other paid advertisements.

The results are below

The results are below I am not using any services to validate. It's a personal thing using coding (not for the public) That is why I wanted to share.

x2emails customer review

You need to validate the list before you send out your emails. If your offer is $40 and you are converting 4% of 28806 ( My X2Emails results) = $1192.24 and that's from 1 list only.

Reminder: You will always find invalid emails. People stop paying for a domain or stop using free email services, and eventually they get shut down until they log back into the account and start using the email service again. Until then, that email list is invalid. Remove the duplicate emails form the list.

As of now, I cannot verify the numbers. However, some 60% of the emails are, 10% - 15% are business/personal domains, and the remainder is yahoo/Hotmail. Good luck, everyone!

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FbSendy Updates

There will be a web-based tools version that can be used on any device and will have auto features, which means you don't have to stay logged into the software to use it.

  • 1st : Send messages to Group active members
  • 2nd : Send messages to Fan page Post Comments
  • 3rd : Send messages to Profile Friends
  • 4th : Send messages more faster then old version.

#NewUpdate May 2021

Customers were experiencing low data issues and slow service in the Group Version 4 ( Private Group ) during the recent past, but the team have fixed this issue. Please be advised that the technical team is still testing the Group Version 4 in order to make this service stable.


How Does X2Email Actually Work?

Step – 01 Here is the link to create an x2emails account:

When you pay for the license key (check your email which you used for payment ) system automatically sends your license code to that email which you have used while paying. You should then sign in to your x2emails account and then add the license code for activation.

Step – 02 Activate your account with your license key.

X2emails is the best extraction tool within the online marketing industry, if you wish to x2emails license code click on the pricing page then scroll down and click buy now you have to pay $59 for a one-time payment.

Step – 03 After registration sign in to x2email.

LiAssist x2emails review

When you click on the left side bar of the page the pop up window will appear and copy the license code from your email and paste it into that box. After you activate it your account will be activated instantly.

Step – 04 Add your Facebook account to X2emails.

People wonder why we should log in with their facebook account. x2emails never ask users to put their personal Facebook details. They will suggest you open a new facebook account and connect it with x2emails.

The x2emails team will help you with creating new facebook accounts if you need them (they are not responsible for suspended accounts due to scraping).

Step – 05 For email scraping, find any Facebook groups or fan pages

liassist x2emails review

Get any fb organization or fb fan page for email scraping. Visit and find niche related organizations such as health. Copy the group or fan url of the group or fan page uid you want. Place that url into the boxes and click extract.

Step – 06 To scrape a fan page or a group, collect the fan page uid.

liassist x2emails review

If you are looking for people's Facebook usernames, then you need to use x2emails to find the ID of certain individuals. At the left hand side panel you will find an option to look up your friends Facebook usernames.

Step – 07 Then click the extract button.

liassist x2emails review

You can turn the URL into UID by going to x2emails services and choosing any service you need to scrape and putting the UID into the box of that service, click on extractor, and within a couple of minutes scraping will start.

How to Extract Email Addresses From Facebook?

  • For instance, I have taken the Fan-page of Chris Record, one of the most popular entrepreneurs around the world and an e-mail marketing expert. His fan-page has 156,917 followers.
  • Next, locate the Name ID of the fan-page that you have selected. Here, you must have the URL of the page from Facebook, and Copy the URL to the search box of I-d and hunt the Numeric ID of that fan-page.
  • Here is the link to Chris Record's fan-page I have copied and pasted the link in the ID finder. It has printed the Numeric ID number.
  • Back in X2emails, click on the EXTRACT EMAIL FROM Fan-page. Glue the Numeric ID Number at the Webpage ID box. Now media EXTRACT.
  • It runs and continues to go through each and every post. It starts with the introduction to this fan-page.
  • This application will extract all the Facebook accounts that commented on the fan-page. Not only will it extract public email addresses, but names, phone numbers, and other details as well.
  • Whenever you want you can stop downloading X2emails's emails by pressing stop preventing it. If you haven't already done so, download the entire data through the DOWNLOAD choice.
  • Social Email Extractor helps you find the emails, cell phone numbers, and every other detail you need for digital promotion.

Worlds Finest Facebook Email Extractor Video Tutorial: 

A list of X2emails features is shown below

  • Facebook Fanpage extractor
  • Facebook post email extractor tools Facebook Group email extractor tools
  • Facebook Fanpage cell phone mobile Number extractor
  • Facebook post cell phone mobile Number extractor
  • Facebook Group Mobile Number extractor
  • Scrape valid Emails from Facebook Friends list
  • Extracts Emails from Facebook Public and secret Groups
  • Extracts cell phone mobile Number from Facebook Public and secret Groups
  • Searching Groups by Keywords
  • Searching Fanpages by Keywords
  • Advanced Search on Facebook
  • Pose & Schedule
  • Facebook User Insight
  • Post & Schedule
  • Content Search
  • Social Email Extractor

E-COMMERCE Extractor

  • Winning Products
  • Trending Products
  • Shopify Products
  • Shopify Store Finder
  • Facebook Ads Spy
  • Ads Analytics
  • Merch By AMZ

FB ads scanner + FBEcom 2.0 = a game-changer for people doing dropshipping e-commerce, Shopify and eBay. These features will help you to make extra money and see your competitor ads in real-time.

FBEcom 2.0 Database: the game-changer for people doing dropshipping. E-commerce Shopify, Amazon, eBay. Big database updated daily => never miss a new trending product!

Facebook Group Extractor

The service extracts the members of your group and downloads the information into an excel file.

How To Extract Targeted Emails From Facebook Groups?

Install the x2emails extension into your browser. Then sign in with your Facebook account and click the extension. Go back and click submit. Then select Facebook email extractor and click group extractor.

Find the targeted group and copy the group id from the URL. Paste it into the extract button, then click Extract. Emails will be extracted. Download, then save.

Here's a video tutorial so you can learn how to use this tool.

Facebook Fan page Extractor

Log into your Facebook account, then click the extension and find the fan page extractor. Paste the fan page URL into the find uid box. Now click find uid, and you will get the uid.

X2emails fanpage extractor

After copying it, paste it on the fan page extractor box. Now click the extract button and the data will start being extracted from your Facebook fan page. Once it finishes, stop it and download the data in CSV format.

Facebook Fan Page Post Extractor

Get fan page post information with this service. Get the uid from the post URL and copy it. Once in the dashboard select the post puller. Then paste the uid on the box and click the extract button. There you have it!

Facebook Profile Extractor

You can download the results to an excel file. Go to the facebook profile and copy the user id from the link. Use the Facebook profile extractor dashboard to paste the uid and click the extract button. It will start extracting your profile friends' data.

Facebook Friends Extractor

You can download a file containing the full friends' data and the service will extract it. First copy the domain from the friends' extractor. Put the domain name into the friend's extractor and hit extract. Now the data will be extracted and you can download it.

Facebook CountryWise Extractor

You can download group data in excel by selecting any country and then the service automatically extracts all the information into it. Go to Facebook and click the x2emails link (country-wise), then copy the uid and paste it.

Facebook Uid to Email Converter

The x2 dashboard lets you find the uid converter. Go to it and click it. You can upload an uid as a text file or paste them directly. Click the convert button. Search email address or It will convert your email address into an Excel file with detailed contact address.

Facebook Group Phone Extractor

This service functions as a group phone extractor for Facebook, so you'll get a full list of group members' numbers in an Excel file from your dashboard. With this service you can choose to use the extension from Facebook, or you can use the group phone extractor directly from your dashboard.

Copy the group uid and paste it in the box. You will now get a list of your group members' phone numbers in Excel format.

Facebook Fan page Phone Extractor

You can download the excel file with full information from the x2 dashboard or extension, and you can then extract the fan page followers' phone numbers.

The fan page must contain an uid. Click the website and you will see a fan page phone extractor. Copy the uid and paste it in the box and click the extract button. The extraction will begin, and you will receive a file with all the information.

Facebook Post Phone Extractor

If you include the post phone number into the target cell number field (same as the post uid) and click the extract button, your data will be extracted into an excel file and you can download it.

Facebook Profile Phone Extractor

The profile phone extractor can extract profile phone numbers from the personal profile. You just need to copy and paste the profile ID onto the profile phone extractor. Once you've pasted it, the extracting process can begin. The full social media profiles details will be downloaded in an excel file.

Facebook Friend Phone Extractor

Go to the friend's profile on Facebook and copy the UID. Once pasted into the x2 dashboard, the friend's phone numbers will be extracted. You can download the information.

FbSendy Buy x2email's fbsendy and activate your license, then send bulk messages to Facebook users without getting banned.

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool

You can use this service to find out which posts on facebook are currently trending.

X2emails ads spy tool

You can filter your competitor's facebook ads as much as you want. Just select the filter option from the dashboard. Enter your keyword and start searching.

Read Full Review From Here:

No.#1 Facebook Ads Spy Tool Adscouter Review 2021

Facebook Ads Analytics

Using this tool, you can analyze your Facebook ads fully. It will give you detailed information about your ads.

Shopify Product Finder

This service can help you find winning products on Shopify. If you are looking for winning products on Shopify, this can help you to find them.

Go to the dashboard and select the tool. Enter your keyword and start finding Shopify winning products

Read Full Review:

Best Ads Spy Tool Spyvio review 2021

X2emails shopify product and store finder

Shopify Ads Spy

Do you want to find the high converting products store on Shopify?

You can easily find them with Spyvio. You can do keyword search and the tool will find the highest converting stores for you.

Instagram Email Extractor

Getting email addresses, phone numbers, and usernames of Instagram followers can be too time consuming. If you want to extract Instagram followers for a particular country then you should use this tool.

X2emails instagram email extractor

Get information from Instagram by pasting the username into the extractor and choosing the county. Once the username is entered, it will extract the information.

>>>Get Instagram Email Extractor(Full Instagram Marketing Tool)<<<

Best Facebook email scraper on the Planet

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How Email Extractor will help You?

Extracting email addresses of 150,000 merchants, entrepreneurs, and businessmen with our sign up form! Great way to advertise tens of thousands of loan offers from Peerfly or even MaxBounty -> Funds! The top digital, marketing forum & marketplace with tens of thousands of associates!

Receiving emails from people who want to lose weight and get fit! Getting E-Mails of tens of thousands of Vendors, Internet Marketers from the classes!

Marketing to countless targeted Facebook Groups! A great way to market what you want! Import into the Face-book Custom Audience -> MONEY obtained!

  • You can make your very own store successful with the help of Facebook Advertising. You could spy any sponsored advertisements on Facebook! Can show you how each sponsored advertisement works!
  • You can expect Just-Launched trending to deliver one of the latest services and products which could bring you a huge profit.

What's X2emails HOT Feature!

X2emails is a significant business with programmers, entrepreneurs, and people who are enthusiastic for providing the best assistance. It was updated from the desktop unregistered version to the web-based one.

X2emails: All-in-one Facebook Email Scraper Online Tool 2021

  • No 1 Facebook Adverts Spy Tool
  • No 1 E-Commerce Tool
  • 24/7 Service
  • Upgrades and grows constantly with Gigantic Growing Team and Fixing Team
  • 3k+ Paid Customers
  • 1years of Experience

We're committed to supplying you with superlative providers and upgrades!

The Way You Can Get Daily Unlimited Emails out of X2emails!

You can extract emails on the internet. With these emails, you can create a massive database. Facebook email scraper.

You can extract email addresses from Facebook as well, just like Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups.

There is an additional method of obtaining emails on Email Marketing, which is through Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Accounts.

With the assistance of this program, I have demonstrated how to easily pull contact lists from Facebook using this program.

The video shows you how to extract Facebook emails with X2Emails. By following the exact procedure, you will also be able to use the X2Emails Mail extractor on other sources.

How To SetUp X2emails Google Chrome extension?

If you want to use the Google Chrome extension for extracting data from facebook, you have to set up it.

Download the x2emails Google toolkit version 5 from here.

  • Unzip it
  • Now go to the Google Chrome extension section and enable developer mood.
  • Now click load unpacks.
  • Now find the folder and select it.

It will be added to your browser. Now you can use it for extracting facebook data.

Here's The Good News We've spent several months coding and developed a ground breaking 2-IN-1 eCommerce hot trending product and customers' Data - Emails & Phone extractor that eliminated all these issues.

Troubleshooting Various Issues:

The troubleshooting of a tool is really horrible. All the tool has a little bit of error, so it has also.

A slow internet connection problem is the main troubleshooting issue on goolge chrome. But if you buy the business pack, you can start the extraction from where you left it. Use the next season code to extract from the last extraction season.

Dan Pye > ‎X2Emails: Here is my honest review of this software X2emails is the real deal, I was super skeptical because tools similar to this had so many of my accounts closed down.

Here is my experience using the software so far.

  1. 1st scrap pure email blast I did a 7000 email scraping sent out an email blast had 900 unsubscribe and 300 actually click the link 7 converted, seven sales on a medium ticket offer in one email blast not bad.
  2. 2nd scrap Facebook ads I tested FB ads campaign now, the LAL audience looks good, and the opt-in cost is excellent, although $0.67. They are doing better than demographic interest-based ads.

Now I'm spending $40 a day and the LAL audience is the best, it was created from only 300 recycled emails. I'm getting leads for $0.28.

Using this tool, you can skip the 1st phase of testing and go directly to copying and scaling google ads.

It works, so don't ruin it for the rest of us by abusing it.

Hiba Shelleh > ‎X2Emails: Hello everyone 🙂 Here is my honest review of this software \ I am very excited to share my experience with this software. I have been working as an affiliate for over two years and my biggest problem was google organic Traffic. I bought over five traffic software and none of these could achieve comparable results in a short period of time as the X2emails software.

For example, I remember when I scraped around 28000 emails from a single fan page. Can you believe this !!! it's really working. I recommend this software for anyone that wants to run a business online.

Thank you so very much to the people that worked on this amazing idea that helped me more than you can imagine. I am so touched.

X2emails Customer Feedback

Adeniji Juwon #source x2emails facebook group Ok…my candid advice as a Fellow Nigerian, If you are planning to purchase this software,

  • Do not put all your hopes on it.
  • DO not place high expectations on it as well
  • Don't settle for the professional version. It's way below your expectation. They didn't state it categorically on the website. Also, they will make you blame everything on just being on a professional. So I advise you to go with the Business Plan instead.
  • When things don't seem to be working at first, it may appear that you have been scammed, but just let your mind be at rest, you can always privately contact with Zeeshan Khan who is the admin of the group during working hours. he can help you out.

As far as I am concerned, I have yet to enjoy this tool, since I am on a professional plan which will only extract an insignificant amount of emails for me which isn't sufficient for my purposes google ads. and when i contact support says everything is because I am not on the business plan.

I'm not sure for now if I am going to find the tool valuable, but maybe I will upgrade to the Business plan in the future.

Despite the fact that some people have used the tool to develop a business plan on this platform, I have to be honest with you, I haven't gotten value for my investment. Best Regards.

  • X2emails Offers accurate emails in significantly less time.
  • Extracts Targeted valid emails from Facebook Groups.
  • Extract Email From Facebook page and post.
  • Extract valid emails from your Associates or Friends of Friends in Facebook Accounts.
  • Offers advice on Best-seller Goods, Newly Launched Services and Products,
  • Product Revenue by The best way to Bring Emails from Facebook.
  • You can also Extract Mobile number From Facebook Fan Page and Groups.
  • Take Little Bit More Time
  • Groups members must be 1K above