What is a tracking phone number?

Tracking phone number is a unique number, which one lets you know the source of incoming calls online or offline.

If you are running ads campaigns, then you should track your phone numbers so that you could understand which campaigns are more active and source of that advertisement.

When someone calls, you can track that number, and it helps you to know who is the caller and how they found you. It will help you with dealing with your customers and give them the best solution.

Why is call tracking important for agencies?

If you can track, so you can make it. It’s vital to tracking calls so that you can analysis the customers. If you owe an agency, you need software to track your important calls and convert them into paying customers.

You can analysis the ads campaigns. Which campaigns run so good and which ads are getting more traffic and calls. It will boost your online or offline business. Proper call tracking can help agencies to convert calls to more paying customers.

Which is the best Call Tracking Software for agency?

The following top 2 software is the result of hours of research. I hope that will assist you in choosing the perfect call tracking for you.

If you lack the patience to read through the full guide than I got your back, the best call tracking software for agencies, I can suggest for you to use right now would be the PhoneWagon. It provides excellent features and a lot of options to run your agency smoothly.

Top 2  Call Tracking Providers

  1. PhoneWagon – best for agencies, eCommerce, small businesses & enterprise.
  2. Call Tracker – best for marketing automation and small agencies.

Below, we’ve outlined the review of each tool’s features and problems. The factors that define excellent tracking, with a head-to-head comparison across all elements. From affordability, usability and deliverability.


Phonewagon is now one of the most popular call tracking tool with  100+ small agencies reviews from Capterra, G2 Crowd and Fit Small Business.

They’ve achieved this organically by Impressively building a product that’s both easy to use and one of the most affordable in the call tracking solution for agencies.

Drive more high converting phone calls, that’s why the best marketing agencies trust it.

How to Setup Phonewagon?

It is EASY to SETUP in 30 seconds.

Step -1

  • First, you have to add a Phone Number
  • You can add a new local number or toll-free number

Step -2

  • Search any Area Codes or country code
  • Search area code or toll-free new number

Step -3

  • Configure your phone Number
  • You can choose where you want to forward the calls. You can record them too.

PhoneWagon Features


The dashboard is easy to use, and anyone can navigate it. It’s simple and understandable.\ You have to click a button, and you can search for any area code in less than 20 seconds. Add the number and configure it. You can use it instantly.


Phonewagon offers international numbers over 80+ countries. Search for your country code or area code. Configure it within 20 seconds. You can set up the campaigns instantly.


You can add any local phone numbers or specific town numbers from Phonewagon within some seconds. It will highly convert small marketing business campaigns for localized toll-free numbers.


If you are looking for national marketing campaigns, toll – free numbers will work great for you. Toll-free numbers can help customers to call without any cost.

You can add any toll-free numbers like 888, 866 from phonewagon dashboard in less than a minute.


If you want to use your existing phone numbers or want to move your current call tracking to phonewagon, you can do it.

You do not need to do anything, and they will take care and move your phone numbers through the “porting” process.


Only tracking any phone calls is not enough to convert the call into paying customers. You can record your customer’s calls, and later you can coach your staffs to optimize your sales.


It is the best way to give agencies or members answering the phone calls and let them know where the call is incoming.

You can play a custom message for your customers and let them know if there are any discount offers available or not. Its an excellent cheat code which will help you to boost your sales.


You can add any custom greeting message and play at the beginning of the call. You can easily create any custom message from greeting message creator tool, or you can upload your mp3.

I will help you to let the caller know that the call is recording.


You can create any custom tagging, or you can use pre-added tags from phonewagon dashboard.

It will help you to organize or categorize your calls based on your call tracking.

You can filter your tags and create any reports to see how many calls generated.


If you want to convert your leads in more paying customers. phonewagon will be perfect for you.

You can use a simultaneous ring system to ring multiple phones at the same time.

The first call will be the auto-answer to the caller, and it will reduce times and delivers an excellent experience to your customers. Also, help you to generate leads to more sales.


You can add unlimited users to your account by user roles. You can set user access permission and provide login access to your agency users.


Agencies can add multiple client accounts and configure each account with location and other information access.

You can create each client login access for multiple marketing agencies.


They provide full data report receiving emails without login to your dashboard. You can configure it for daily, weekly or monthly. You can customize your emails and allows agencies to connect with their clients.


You can analysis your data reports. You can filter your data and see which campaigns driving more call and which calls converting into paying customers. You can use this data and make decisions on how to run your ads or guide your clients on how they can turn calls into paying customers.


Phonewagon offers its customers to track any keywords using their dynamic numbers. They can track any visitors calls. Which ad group they came from and followed their phone call session.


You can directly integrate your google analytics into your phonewagon account. You can push all your phone calls and events. So, you can understand what is happening and how many conversions you are driving from events.


You can integrate multiple companies in phonewagon account using your MCC Google Ads account.

You can choose sub-account, or you can create a new account phonecall which will push your google ads all calls for that company.


You can configure an automated text message reply for events and missed calls.

It will help you to engage with your customer’s communication and text messaging and If you don’t want to answer any competitor calls.

Why should you buy PhoneWagon?


Workflow Consultation

They help you to start with a new phone call. Once you understand the types of campaigns that you’re running, they will tell you the recommendations based on best practices.

White-Glove Setup

Phonewagon provides 5-star, world-class support from people who understand performance based on marketing. They want to be your partner, not only a vendor.

Premium Integration Support

They will help you with setting up integrations and give you suggestions which will better serve you and your agency. They will also help you with Google Ads and Slack to integrations platforms.

Training Sessions

They will provide training sessions for your agency to help you understand how to navigate the best call tracking software for agencies. They also offer additional training for your agency and your clients.

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  • Workflow Consultation
  • White-Glove Setup
  • Premium Integration Support
  • Training Sessions
  • Little bit high price

Call Tracker

Call Tracker Review

If you are looking for the best global phone validator, I will suggest you try to Call Tracker. It has over 240+ countries line type lookup and carrier in less than a minute.

Call tracker can validate more than 10,000 multi-size business agencies in real-time.

How To Setup Call Tracker?


Connect your account

First, create an account on Call tracker. Now go to the integration page and select HubSpot account. Add your account to HubSpot account. Now log in to your HubSpot account.

Note: You can add multiple HubSpot accounts in Call tracker user.


Add or upload your Contacts list

You can add your contacts list form HubSpot account. After login, you can select the list and validate your list form linked HubSpot account.


How to Validate the Contacts list?

Select the validate option and find your list. Now click on the verify button, it will start auto validating.


Export the results

After validating your list, you can download the result in CSV or XLSX format.

You can also export your result to Hubspot account directly. You can filter your result by invalid and unknowns numbers form PhoneWagon.

Call Tracker Features

Validating contacts lists

You can validate unlimited phone numbers over 240 + countries from all over the world and provide you with 100% accurate results.

Re-formatting numbers

You can format your phone numbers according to international and national codes.


It can detect a city and region automatically.


Show you the perfect time, based on the region.


You can plan your SMS and set up other campaigns accordingly to your line type.

Real-time API Option

You can use real-time API to validate your contact list by integrating into a website or other platform and mobile apps.

It will accept only valid phone numbers and capture the best user experience.

Bulk List Validating

You can upload your contact list bulk in CSV or XLSX format. It will validate your list in a minute, and you can download the results by filtering the required fields.


It will ensure you a 100% accurate and quick validation system.

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Why Should Buy Call tracker?


If you do not want to waste your money and valuable time, then you should avoid bulk SMS sending. Try Call tracker and validate your list, filter it and contact accordingly.

You can save a lot of money and time.


The best method try is personalized your massage and strategize your contacts, how to reach and what language to reach your users.


Maintain your database according to your geo-targeting and time-zone.

Save your time and energy. Try to reach the right users properly.

Quality leads

When your list is validated, and all the mobile phone numbers are in your hands, its time to get the quality leads. Filter your list and re-order your campaigns.

If you are looking for the best global phone validator, I will suggest you try to Call Tracker. It has over 240+ countries line type lookup and carrier in less than a minute.

Call tracker can validate more than 10,000 multi-size business agencies in real-time.

  • Validating contacts lists
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Real-time API Option